Full Cycle Recruitment:  Hiring Tools to Help Recruiters Hire Faster

Caroline Chessia | November 17, 2023

Every day a position remains vacant represents lost productivity and revenue. Long hiring cycles can lead to candidate attrition as top talent often is fielding multiple offers. To ensure the most effective hiring process, recruiters need more than just a way to interact with candidates. They need full cycle recruiting tools designed to reduce administrative tasks and shorten hiring times.

By equipping themselves with the right tools, recruiters can outpace the competition, attract top talent more quickly, and uphold the integrity of their hiring standards. Here are the five essential tools that recruiters are using to increase hiring speeds.


One-way Video Interviews: Efficient Screening Without Compromising the Human Touch


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One way video interviews go beyond resumes and phone screens to provide a deeper understanding of candidates while significantly reducing the time recruiters spend on screening. Instead of scheduling phone calls, taking copious notes, and sending follow-ups, video recordings are available 24/7 for review by anyone involved in the hiring process.

One way interviews offer a comprehensive view of communication skills, personality traits, and baseline knowledge, enabling informed decisions without spending excessive time evaluating applicants. And–on top of all that, candidates normally record their video interviews in one day or less, saving you even more time as you search for the perfect candidate.


Data-driven Interviewing Insights: Advanced Reporting Tools


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Advanced reporting tools help you identify areas for improvement, benchmark your performance against industry standards, and make informed decisions that lead to better hiring outcomes. See a comprehensive overview of your hiring process, pinpoint stages where candidates drop off, and catch any interviewing bottlenecks. interview insights provides these advantages:

  • Visualize Your Hiring Process Data: Gain a clear understanding of your hiring process through intuitive dashboards that display candidate flow, interview completion rates, and scheduling metrics.
  • Compare Your Metrics to Others in Your Industry: Stay ahead of the curve by benchmarking your hiring performance against industry standards, identifying areas where you excel and opportunities for improvement.
  • Access and Use Your Data Anywhere: Seamlessly access and export your hiring data to any device or platform, enabling data-driven insights wherever you need them.
  • Identify Patterns and Trends: Uncover hidden patterns and trends in your hiring data, revealing insights that can transform your recruitment strategies and lead to better hiring decisions.


AI Recruiting Assistant: Increase Your Hiring Efficiency with Ethical AI



Use ethical AI to decrease manual labor in your recruiting process. Our AI Recruiting Assistant allows you to create effective interview questions, job descriptions, email communications, social media posts, and more in a fraction of the time. 


AI Recruitment Assistant allows you to:

  • Generate tailored job descriptions, email communication, and social media announcements in record time.
  • Create captivating content that resonates with passive and active job seekers and is consistent across your entire hiring team without losing the human touch.


AI Question Assist enables you to:

  • Reduce the time it takes to craft effective interview questions while maintaining a high level of quality. 
  • Create consistent and objective interview questions, resulting in fair and unbiased interview processes.
  • Leverage machine learning algorithms to develop interview questions based on job description and industry-specific criteria.

Automated Interview Schedulers: Eliminating Scheduling Headaches



Scheduling can be a significant time drain in the hiring process, and manual invites can easily lead to errors and miscommunication. Even seasoned recruiters can make mistakes, like misjudging time zones or forgetting to include meeting links in invitations.

Automated scheduling tools solve these challenges, allowing you to send calendar invites (and automated reminders) with a single click. This streamlines the process, minimizing the risk of misunderstandings and delays. It also helps you get in front of candidates faster, because the most popular day for candidate scheduling is Sunday (according to interviewstream’s internal data).

Sync your calendar (and other recruiters’ calendars, if you’re scheduling round-robin style) with the platform, and candidates can choose an interview time that fits their schedule based on your availability. No more scouring your calendar for an open slot–let the interview scheduling software handle the logistics.

And–if you need something more robust–try an advanced interview scheduler. Advanced schedulers allow you to schedule interviews for different locations or positions, simplify complex scheduling scenarios, and schedule interviews for hiring fairs.

Live Video Interviews: Nurturing Connections

In-person interviews may not always be feasible for all companies. Live video interviews provide an in-platform opportunity to forge the same connections as you would make during an in person interview. 

And, video interviews have the advantage of being recorded, minimizing the risk of oversights when making hiring decisions. You can share and rewatch video interviews to make sure you are hiring the right candidate. 


Bias-Reducing Interview Builders: Craft Effective Interview Guides

Interview guide builders provide a vast repository of targeted questions designed to assess skills, competencies, and cultural fit. These resources help recruiters create comprehensive candidate evaluation frameworks. Establishing clear criteria from the beginning of the interview process ensures consistency and helps eliminate bias.

Creating interviewing guides also allows you to create a standardized candidate experience across multiple different recruiters. You can also use AI interview question assist to reduce time needed to create sets of interview questions for specific roles.


Want to Recruit Faster? Try These Tools

Move candidates through the pipeline faster and cut down on time to hire by using hiring tools and interviewing software. Companies using these tools are scheduling interviews and screening candidates in 24 hours or less. If you used interviewing tools, you could have already hired your top candidate by now. Try interviewstream’s hiring tools today

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