5 Essential Hiring Tools for K-12 Administrators

Drew Whitehurst | December 18, 2023

In the race to recruit amazing teachers for your school, how do you stack up? Schools that use innovative and reliable teacher recruitment tools have a distinct time advantage over those that don’t. These schools are able to screen more candidates per position, cut hiring times, and allow easier management of the hiring process.

Screen Candidates in 15 minutes or less, interview 2x the number of candidates, create job descriptions in minutes.

Popular hiring tools K-12 school districts/boards use to recruit the best teachers for their students include one way video interviews, applicant tracking systems, interview schedulers, online job boards, and AI recruitment assistants. Check out more info below on how each of these tools saves your school time and allows you to get job offers to your top candidates first.


One Way Video Interviews Help You Screen Candidates Faster

K-12 administrators are limited by the time they can spend screening candidates. This often leads them to screen only a handful of candidates per position. Schools using one way video interviews break free of those limitations. Video interviews allow candidates to record their interview responses on their own time, leaving recruiters to review on their own time as well.

These interviews are self-paced and allow the candidate time to think before answering each question (if allowed in the interview). Districts and boards using video interviewing technology often use these interviews as preliminary screening interviews. They ask every candidate the same 3-5 questions to get an idea of who they are and what they bring to the table.

From there, recruiters can evaluate each candidate based on an internal rubric they can upload to the video interviewing platform. This rating system and filtering abilities in the hiring tool make it easy to see your top candidates. You can also share with principals, superintendents, or any other people needed to give approval.


An Applicant Tracking System to Monitor Candidate Statuses, Ratings, and More

Have you ever had an amazing candidate slip through the cracks and ghost you? You can prevent this type of candidate drop-off by tracking candidates through an applicant tracking system. See candidate statuses, where candidates are in the hiring process, and their paperwork all in one place.

On top of the benefit of having fewer candidates drop out of the application process, ATSs make it easy for recruiters to gain insights on hiring funnels and cut back on the time they spend recruiting. Here are the key benefits of using an applicant tracking system:

  • Effortlessly organize and filter to discover top-notch candidates – no more scanning through tons of resume attachments.
  • Streamline interview scheduling and expedite the hiring process using automated workflows.
  • Gain valuable insights through user-friendly dashboards that highlight your district or board’s progress.
  • Compare your district or board’s recruitment and hiring data with national and state trends to establish benchmarks.


The above list are interviewstream’s k-12 applicant tracking system integration partners. These important integrations allow you to see all candidate video interviews in the same place, without leaving your ATS. Click the icons above to learn more.


Automated Interview Scheduling

Manual interview scheduling takes up a lot of time and leaves both candidates and K-12 admins open to misunderstandings. Schools that use an interview scheduler avoid these mishaps by allowing candidates to schedule directly on hiring managers’ calendars.

Candidate selecting an interview time slot using interview scheduling software


Interview scheduling software helps K-12 HR pros schedule with less effort, gives candidates autonomy in the process, and allows simple rescheduling of interviews. Some schools have also found a use for interview scheduling software outside of recruiting by using them to slot in times for parent-teacher conferences.


Use Online Job Boards To Recruit K-12 Candidates Year Round

Using traditional means to get the word out about open positions at your school is great for candidates who already know about you–but what about those who don’t? Use online job boards specifically for teachers to help you recruit educators for your district or school board. Below are good sites to start with.

Aside from these sites, take a look at your local chapter of AASPA to see if they have a job board on their site. If you’re in Canada, applytoeducation is a great place to start, other job boards like applytoeducation exist in Canada as well. These options can help serve your job posting to local candidates.


Use Ethical AI Enhancements to Generate Questions, Job Descriptions, and More

Recruiters have to be careful when using artificial intelligence; you don’t want to use AI that causes unintentional bias in your hiring process. However, introducing ethical AI recruiting tools helps alleviate the burden of creating job descriptions, interview scheduling emails, and interview questions while reducing bias.

Using AI Recruiting Assistant frees HR pros from creating multiple job descriptions and announcements. For example, using a template provided within the interviewstream hiring tool, you can guide the AI recruitment assistant to provide a great special education teacher job description. You can also use AI question assist to generate the right questions for each position.

Using interviewstream AI Recruiting Assistant to create a full job description in minutes


Welcome in 21st Century Hiring Practices With Recruiting Tools from interviewstream

Becoming a competitive school district or board means having the right recruiting tools to hire the best teachers for your students. Cut back on hiring times, schedule faster, and create job announcements in minutes with the suite of hiring tools from interviewstream. Ask us how we can help you today–fill out this form to learn more.

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