Hiring in Healthcare: How Advanced Interview Scheduling Benefits Hospitals

Dan Faciana | June 30, 2023

Hospitals and healthcare organizations are embracing advanced interview scheduling technology. Interview schedulers allow organizations to streamline their hiring processes and reduce time-to-hire. In this blog, we’ll cover how interview scheduling software, helps hospitals and healthcare organizations:

  • Efficiently manage interviews even with rescheduling or cancellations
  • Engage candidates faster than their competition
  • Expedite the hiring of qualified professionals

Skip ahead to see how Johns Hopkins Health System and WVU Medicine use interview scheduling.


What Is Interview Scheduling Software?

Interview scheduling software utilizes calendar syncing to simplify the process of scheduling and managing interviews. Organizations using an interview scheduler experience a 43% reduction in time-to-fill. But not every software has the features you need to recruit your top candidates.

interviewstream’s interview scheduler offers advanced features such as:

  • Automating scheduling tasks and messaging
  • Cutting down on time spent scheduling for recruiters
  • Coordinating interviews between many different hiring managers’ calendars


Uses of Interview Scheduling in Healthcare

  1. Book and Host Virtual Interviews: Interview scheduling software enables hospitals to conduct interviews online. This is particularly valuable in the era of remote work and virtual interactions.
  2. Personalized Auto-Reminders: Automated reminders sent through interview scheduling software reduce no-shows and improve attendance rates. This helps hospitals avoid the frustration of last-minute cancellations and delays.
  3. Staff Calendar Integration: Integrate all staff calendars into a single system, providing a comprehensive view of interviewer availability. This makes it easier to avoid scheduling conflicts.
  4. Time-Saving Automation: Automating the scheduling process significantly reduces administrative burdens for the recruiting team. Our data shows that recruiters using our interview scheduler save on average 200 hours a month scheduling interviews, depending on the size of the organization.
  5. Candidate Self-Scheduling: Empowering candidates to self-schedule interviews improves candidate experience and expedites the interview scheduling process
  6. Simplified Management of Hiring Events: Interview scheduling software simplifies the organization and management of hiring events. Our clients have used interview scheduling for career fairs and recruitment drives. Hospitals can schedule and coordinate many interviews in a short period, which gives them more opportunities to connect with potential candidates.


Real-World Use Cases: Johns Hopkins Health System and WVU Medicine

See how Johns Hopkins Health System and WVU Medicine use interview scheduling in their hiring process.

Johns Hopkins Health System

Johns Hopkins Health System achieved significant improvements in its hiring process. In particular, they were able to optimize hiring for RN Residencies. The software allows them to:

  • Coordinate interviews across multiple departments
  • Reduce scheduling conflicts
  • Enhance communication with candidates.

They have reduced time to hire, increased candidate satisfaction, and improved interviewer productivity. Over the past few years, Johns Hopkins has leveraged scheduling technology to schedule over 7,500 interviews.

WVU Medicine

WVU Medicine, a leading healthcare provider, implemented interview scheduling software to address their complex hiring needs. They value the integration with Workday and the ability to customize interview workflows. 

Using an interview scheduler resulting in faster hiring cycles and enhanced candidate engagement. Since 2019, WVU medicine has scheduled over 38,000 interviews using interviewstream’s scheduler.

As hospitals aim to fill vacant positions in a competitive job market, look to interview scheduling software. Coordinate across departments, give candidates autonomy, and reduce time-to-hire.

Curious to see if the interview scheduler that works for other hospitals will work at yours? Schedule a chat with us and we’ll walk you through it. And if you’d like to learn more about how video interviewing and scheduling tools benefit healthcare organizations, check out our guide to optimizing the healthcare recruiting process.

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